". . . Analisa is definitely worth a listen."


—  24Our Music

High Alliance


High Alliance Magazine is pleased to introduce talented creative artist Analisa Corral. Thank you for speaking with us today. Tell us about your brand.  

Indie Pop Ups

The production by Analisa herself is just remarkable, leaving enough space to let the lyrics sink in and connect, and with the right amount of sounds and melodies to hit emotionally without being



We believe the Pavón project is a new direction she is heading, and the right one . . .

24Our Music

Admittedly, it is refreshing to come across an artist writing music that has mostly mass appeal, but still has the artistic integrity beyond the modern-day assembly line to express themselves however they may.


Whether you typically enjoy pop music or not, Analisa is definitely worth a listen.

Grammy U - Los Angeles

A select group of GRAMMY U students attended a Masterclass with singer/songwriter Mike Posner at the legendary Village Studios. The first part of the event consisted of student questions which provided an in-depth look into the music industry, as well as the songwriting process.

During the second part of the Masterclass, Mike critiqued the songs of GRAMMY U LA members Casey Cook, Analisa Corral, Suzanne Gutierrez, Tickwanya Jones and Luke Shrestha.